Lake at Dusk

Jim Wheeler is a conservative you can trust

Top Rated Legislator by NPRI   
Top Rated Legislator by the ACU     

Top Rated Legislator by Citizen's Outreach

"A" Rating from the NRA

"A" Rating by the Northern Nevada Firearms Coalition

Endorsed by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Misty Valley

Jim is a Veteran and a Gun Owner who has consistently stood up for the Second Amendment during his time in the legislature. He has an "A" rating from both the National Rifle Association and the Nevada Firearms Coalition and both groups have endorsed him on previous campaigns.

Jim has been a watchdog for taxpayers in the State of Nevada over the years. He feels strongly that we need to audit our spending as a state before considering any new taxation. He sees himself as a steward to the taxpayer and wants to ensure that every single dollar gets put to good use before asking anyone for more money.
Election Transparency

Jim has always favored Voter ID as a requirement to vote. Like many he has been concerned with the many loopholes that allow for potential fraud and understands that fraud does exist. Voter Identification is crucial to ensuring fair and transparent elections here in Nevada.

Jim believes in the core Republican principles that most grew up on and has fought for lower taxes since his first day in the legislature. Jim was one of only a dozen legislators to vote against the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada and he's been consistently rated as one of the highest legislators in Nevada when it comes to taxation.

Jim is a huge proponent of school choice and parental rights. The State of Nevada's public education system has struggled and he feels that it is important to empower parents to make the best decisions for their own children. Jim was proud to vote in favor of Education Savings Accounts and the expansion of charter schools in Nevada.

Jim was elected by you and his goal is to serve. He understands that he works for you. Jim has worked, and will continue to work towards more transparency in government so that your officials will ultimately be more accountable to you.