Jim Wheeler is a former Law Enforcement Officer, Successful Businessman, a Retiree, a Republican, a Veteran, a Leader, a Friend, and your Neighbor. But most of all, he is an American, a Nevadan and is most proud of being a Father and Grandfather.

Jim is a worker. Jim learned about hard work early in life as he was raised by his great aunt and uncle in the San Fernando Valley in California. His uncle, a mechanic and rancher, and his Aunt a “Rosie the Riviter,” at Lockheed Aircraft, instilled a strong work ethic into Jim and his sister. There were no silver spoons in this family.

At the age of fourteen, Jim got his first part-time job as a service station attendant after school, back when the attendant pumped the gas, washed the windows and checked the oil. Realizing he wouldn’t have enough money to buy a car, he went out and got another job on weekends.  Working as a Veterinary Assistant, within a year, Jim bought that car. This is the type of work ethic he has practiced his entire life.

Jim is an accomplished CEO. As a businessman Jim founded a successful manufacturing company, Powerdyne Automotive Products Inc., which made high-performance automotive parts. He grew the company into a multi-million dollar corporation within a few short years and was named CEO by the Board of Directors. He continued to grow the company up until the time of its sale. As a business leader, Jim learned the difference between managing and leading. He always took pride in identifying a problem, finding the solution and then implementing that solution.


After retiring and selling his shares in Powerdyne, Jim learned the joys of free time: time with family, and his fellow citizens by participating in the community and government. Jim is a representative to the Nevada Republican Central Committee. Jim represents the Douglas County Republican Central Committee and all Republicans in the state of Nevada to ensure fair processes. Jim promoted a resolution at the most-recent meeting of the Nevada Republican Central Committee, ensuring the validity of our party’s platform which is developed by the membership. This resolution ensured advance voter registration was required to protect the integrity of the voting process and ensure any future changes be considered by the full membership. 

Jim Is:

A Veteran

During the Vietnam War Era Jim was a Demand Processing Clerk responsible for expediting the flow of materials to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of mission-essential equipment to appropriate locations. He learned about responsibility and commitment to his fellow military members, and his nation.

A Nevadan


He calls Nevada, “The Freest State in the Freest Nation on Earth.” He was finally able to realize that dream in 2003 when he bought a small ranch in Gardnerville. Since then he has become increasingly involved with local and state issues.


Highlights:- CEO- Rancher- Executive Board Member, Douglas County Republican Central Committee– Co-Chair (with Senator James Settelmeyer) Candidate Recruitment Committee– Voter Registration Committee– Freedom (Education) Committee– Precinct Captain- Nevada Republican Central Committee– Rules Committee

Your Neighbor

His love affair with Nevada started in the early 1970s when he used to come to a friend’s ranch in Douglas County to help out in the summer months. Even back then, as a young man, Jim knew the Carson Valley and Nevada was the place he wanted to be.